Volunteers Program
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The volunteering team have been busy meeting so many of the CYG volunteers over recent weeks through training events, and are grateful to all our have volunteered and excited about working together during the forthcoming games.

The training events that have been held have covered a number of different areas of the games, and supporting information to that provided during the session has been provided in the form of a Volunteer Training Handbook.

There is an enormous amount of information on the arrangements in place for The Games, and we do not expect volunteers to know everything, we have provided the basic information, shared on the training sessions and reiterated in the attached, which will be sufficient.

There are a number of other contacts and sources should you wish to find out more contained in the handbook and don’t forget there will be the support team in the Game Control on hand to answer any of your questions. Please email cyg2011volunteers@manx.net if you have any queries or concerns,

Oh and volunteers please don’t forget to send in a photo to kate.usher@gov.im for accreditation passes.

CYG Vol Roles - Catering
CYG Vol Roles - Closing Ceremony
CYG Vol Roles - Cultural Day
CYG Vol Roles - Doping
CYG Vol Roles - Fleet Drivers
CYG Vol Roles - General Games Events (Variety of Roles)
CYG Vol Roles - Hotels
CYG Vol Roles - Laundry
CYG Vol Roles - luggage
CYG Vol Roles - Opening Ceremony
CYG Vol Roles - Results Assistant
CYG Vol Roles - Sports Support (variety)
CYG Vol Roles - Tosha
CYG Vol Roles - Transport and Travel
Volunteer Handbook 300811

Volunteer Comittee:



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